College Education Is Necessary From The Perspective Of Personal Growth And National Development

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College education is an optional formal learning that occurs after secondary education. College education offers all kinds of majors. Each person chooses their suitable majors according to their own preference. College education is necessary for teenagers because it is good for your future career as it can help you find decent jobs and fostering human capital and facilitating self-development in the view of life. What’s more, the high quality cultivated by college education will promote the development in economy and the stability of society. This essay discusses why college education is necessary from the perspective of personal growth and national development.
College is the preparation to transit from pupilage to working status. College education helps students to enhance the social networks and skills, which are instrumental for future career. Students who feel more socially integrated are less likely to think about leaving university since friends provide direct emotional support, equivalent to that provided by family relationships, as well as acting as a buffer in stressful situations. (Thomas and Hanson, 63). It is obvious that college education can further improve our knowledge. Another important thing is that you can build up interpersonal connections in college among students, faculty and staff members. University gathers students with all kinds of cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Young people interact and learn from each other. By joining student’s

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