College Education : The Value Of A College Degree

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The Value of a College Degree
“The incidence of poverty is 3.5 times lower for college graduates than for high school graduates” (Trostel 1). This and many other reasons show that people should get college degrees. The many advantages of earning a college degree outweigh the cost or any other argument against it. Because college graduates have more advantages than high school graduates, it is beneficial to get a college degree; therefore, young adults should attend college in order to have a wider variety of career opportunities, new experiences, and a better life financially.
Workers with college degrees have higher earning potential than workers with only high school degrees. On average, the annual earnings for workers with Bachelor’s degrees are about $32,000 higher than workers with high school degrees. Hiring managers at large companies paying good salaries and in choice locations are more interested in workers with college degrees than they are in workers with high school degrees. High school graduates are 3.5 times more likely to be impoverished than college graduates because of their lower average pay and lack of available jobs for which they qualify (Trostel 1). On average, high school graduates will earn $1.2 million less than college graduates over 45 years of work (“Benefits of a College Degree.”).
People who earn college degrees have better opportunities to find higher paying jobs, and a career that they enjoy where they can continue to learn and grow. Many

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