College Essay : The Causes Of College Students With Debt

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College students with debt

College debt can stunt most students from pursuing their college dream and going to their school of choice. Students get scared of the word debt and the numbers that they would be dealing with outside of college. Students are putting aside going to their dream schools because of the fear of how much debt they will get into after college. There are many reasons why people don’t pursue college, or just from not being able to afford it. Students go back and look at not going to their dream college or college at all and regret not taking the challenge and going with what they always wanted to do. Some students experience not being in debt after college and why they think college tuition is right where it needs to be, but others will make shocking choices to not be in debt. College students are choosing not to pursue their dream college or college at all because of finances they would be dealing with after college, debt.

First of all, students prepare their senior year of highschool and figure out where they are interested in going to school. They apply to their top schools and some might apply to ones closer to home or some that tuition might be cheaper. Once they figure their plans out leading up to fall semester, “40 percent of low- income students who are accepted to college in the spring will never make it to the first day of class in the fall. They’re stymied by tuition sticker shock.” ( Meredith Kolodner, par 2) Not all students have the

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