College Is The Mistake Of Not Taking Advantage Of School Resources And Activities

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Many students in college make the mistake of not taking advantage of school resources and activities. Afterall, taking advantage of college’s resources and participating in activities is what completes the full college experience. Those type of people believe that the only thing universities have to offer is education. While that is partially true, universities offer more than just classes. Universities such as Cal Poly Pomona, offer a variety of different things that can help students succeed. Not only does it offer helpful activities and enjoyable events but universities intend to keep it a safe campus in order for students to enjoy their full college experience. Cal Poly provides students with a good learning environment with many resources, school safety and social events. Cal Poly Pomona offers a variety of academic and personal help for all students. In college, there is academic help such as tutoring, writing centers, and office hours with professors. Cal Poly Pomona offers free tutoring daily for many different subjects. The library has a writing center where tutors will help students develop a strong paper through guidance and support. Other tutors will meet up with students and help steer them towards the right direction. In addition, professors always have their doors open during office hours and are there for one reason and that is to help their students. Professors at Cal Poly are supportive and value their time with students who come to

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