College Vs. High School

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Most would agree that being a college student is more fun than being in high school. Since I‘ve been in college, I’ve seen more freedom that what was allowed to students in high school. Choices such as; how to take notes, the environment and more class selections are a few examples of how college is better and less limiting than high school. Since there’s more educational freedom and I also have more control over my education, I find being in college is more pleasurable than being in high school.

The classes that a high school student takes seem easier. They also seem easy since a person in high school can just push the effort and effects it all off. Here is an example, if a person doesn’t pay attention and doesn’t do anything the entire class, they could copy another person's notes and still learn the material because they have the same class five days a week. One more reason high school classes might have the impression of being easy is that a person can miss a class and not get penalized. More often than not, the teacher would be willing to go over the material that student missed. College is a choice and extremely expensive, whereas high school is mandatory and much cheaper. In most cases, High School will be free depending on the state and county. All that said, college classes become known as hard and difficult. A student in college can’t just push a class off as easily. If you tried to you’ll suffer from it in the long run. Case in point, if you happen to miss a

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