Collegiate Education Is An Integral Part Of The Formation Of Future Successful Adults

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Collegiate education is an integral part of the formation of future successful adults. Traditionally, the style of education that is received by college students is lecture-based. A professor stands in front of a large classroom presented various facts with little to no participation by students. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in some universities towards a more involved, participatory style of teaching that incorporates a discussion-based classroom setting. These classrooms have been noted to lead to a much more diverse and individually successful learner. Students in this type of classroom gain the necessary skills to think for themselves and become creative and intelligent members of the workforce. While some may argue that collegiate lecture-based learning is necessary for a broader understanding of ideas, incorporating more participation into the classroom from students creates a student that will be more independently creative, contributing more to society. The reluctancy of major American universities to move more towards this style of education is indicative of the financial priorities of American colleges outweighing educational goals. Lecture-based learning is problematic for the college student because it is outdated and does not promote learning as a process of analysis and personal discovery. Lecture-based learning is one of the oldest teaching styles still used today. Originally, it was used out of necessity when books were not able to be

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