Colonial Americ Salem Witch Trials

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Colonial America: Salem Witch Trials Do you believe in witches? Ghosts? In Salem, during the 1600’s, the Puritans did. During a nine-month period, the Puritans were conflicted with a true spiritual warfare, and a time where they lost the ways of the one they worshiped. A time we now call, the Salem Witch Trials. To have a clear understanding of what happened in Salem, one must first understand the Puritans. This group of people greatly disagreed with the ways of the Church of England and desired to “purify” their religion. Their main desire was to be more doctrinally sound in their teaching, and to have more religious freedom. It is from them, that we have modern day Baptists. But to accomplish this, they departed from England and moved to Massachusetts. Originally, they were located in Plymouth, but over the course of time, the group began separating into different parts of Massachusetts. In 1606 Salem was founded, and this is where the Witch Trials occurred. Before the hysteria of the trials struck, it is important to understand the core of what the puritans practiced. According to Dr. Paul Jehle, the Puritans had 7 doctrinally sound teachings. These were: 1) The Devil works most successfully where people are regularly sinning. 2) Ignorance of the enemy make an easy target. 3) If one indulges in the devil’s practice, it becomes more spectacular. 4) Satan works against the saints. 5) Satan and his helpers try and thwart the plans of God. 6) the devil’s

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