Organized Colonial Resistance Between 1763-1776

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Toby Goldman AP U.S History Essay 2 Organized colonial resistance began between the years 1763-1776. The policies of Britain toward their American colonies over this time period escalated tension between the two, and finally led to the rejection of Royal power by the colonies. The British policies caused this outcome because they threatened the colonists’ republican values. These were ideals adapted from the early classical Greek and Roman republics, as well as from laws established by the British. These core beliefs centered strongly on God-given inalienable rights, liberty of the people, and the belief that all should take part in the government. The combination of harsh British policies regarding taxation, settlement and everyday …show more content…

The Coercive Acts were the next challenge to the colonists sense of free will. These acts ignited conflicts across the colonies. These acts affected almost all aspects of life, from taxation to social and political factors. The Coercive Acts mainly consisted of five separate policies. The first act was the Boston Port Act, which effectively closed the port of Boston. This caused famine in Eastern Massachusetts, leading colonies to unite out of necessity, as the Boston population

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