Colonialism And Settler Colonialism

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Classical Colonialism occurs when metropolitan nations fuse new territories or peoples through means which are virtually involuntary such as war, conquest, capture, and additional forms of enforcement and control. (Biauner 1987,150) Classical colonialism is distinguished by economic exploitation, forced entry, and cultural imperialism through the establishment of new institutions and methods of thought. (

Settler Colonialism is a constant social and political arrangement in which new comers/colonizers/settlers come to a place, claim it as their own, and do whatever it takes to vanish the Indigenous people who reside there.

Settler Colonialism imposes heteropatriarchy which is asocial framework in which heterosexuality and patriarchy are seen as ordinary, and natural, and in which different configurations are perceived as unusual, deviant, and offensive.

Second Slide: The ways in which Indigenous Women tried to resist, but were ultimately victims of colonization, and how heteropatriarchy has affected them.

• When European settlers arrived, they had a pre-decided vision of what women ought to behave like based on the European women, which the indigenous women didn’t align with. Indigenous women were comprehended and characterized in ambiguous and conflicting terms. They could firstly be viewed as “noble savages” where they were seen as classic Indian Princesses, virginal, childlike, naturally pure, beautiful, helpful to European men, and open and willing to

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