Colonialism In Africa

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By the 1960, most of Africa had become independent from colonial powers who reluctantly gave them freedom after wars that were gory and unpleasant. Africa had started to build or put together a government that could hopefully unify the country. African had presidents, dictators, etc. But did Africa ever really gain independence? Based on who you ask, you will get an answer that can be separated into different groups, one group will tell you yes and others will say no. At the end of colonialism there was never a shift in society in Africa. If you look at the current GDP of most African countries, the growth of the economy, and then peer at the amount of debt they owe to the world bank then one can see that things have not changed since the end of colonialism. Africa shifted from colonialism to post-colonialism, however Europe never left Africa formally. And Africa never really pushed for them to leave due to the structure of colonialism. For instance, when Congo had gained political independence from Belgium, there were only 16 college graduates in the whole country. Colonialism underdeveloped Africa, many of the people in Africa never gained an education. In addition, country lines were created in order for colonial powers to be able to exert control over a group of people that it had just defeated. Before colonialism, Africans had city-states as opposed to nation-states. The economy in Africa was primarily based on trade between people in the community. Consequently, when

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