Colonization in Kenya

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Colonialism occurs when one nation takes control of another. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the British did to the Africans. The British took over their land basically without the Africans knowledge. Although the British created a more developed civilization with the many aspects they brought to Kenya, they greatly affected Africans economically, politically, socially and culturally. With that being stated, Kenya would not be the country it is this very day if it weren’t for the British colonizing the Africans.

British colonialism drastically affected Kenya economically.The people of Kenya became more civilized and more developed (Doc 5). Instead of wearing traditional clothes, Africans wore more formal and appropriate clothes …show more content…

Despite the confusion that colonialism brought, it introduced the people of Kenya to many new possibilities. Kenya was rapidly evolving. “Despite its many abuses, colonialism eliminated slavery, human sacrifice, and internecine warfare while providing opportunities for Africans with modern skills to rise socially and economically regardless of

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