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Whether you realize it or not, colors play a huge role in your surroundings and your mood. Take a look at nature. The world looks and feels different during the cold days of winter with lots of white snow. In the summertime, the green leaves and brightly colored flowers tell a different story. Colors can have a dramatic impact within your home as well. If you're stumped on a color to use within your home, consider choosing an interesting shade of grey. Grey is a very complex color that some people usually avoid due to its stereotypically somber effect. However, it can do wonders for a room in a few ways.

1. Grey walls
Grey is an excellent color to choose for your walls. It's a great way of instantly adding edge and sophistication. While black is a beautiful color for the walls, it can be a hit or miss and a little unforgiving. Grey is a happy medium and is difficult to get wrong. If your dining room has wainscoting on the lower portion of the walls, paint the …show more content…

Grey accessories
A really good art piece makes a perfect design statement on the walls. Find a really gorgeous grey canvas with an ombre effect. The gradient from white to grey can easily make a strong design statement. Since silver appears like a shade of grey, use silver lampbases with grey lampshades to add illuminate the room. Beneath your feet, rugs can truly tie in all of the decor and create a solid foundation. You can choose a grey rug. A popular trend involves using grey area rugs with pops of colors like purple, pink or yellow.

Dark themed interiors might seem like they could be depressing.Ironically, when dark themed interiors are executed correctly, a space becomes instantly inviting, chic and interesting. The warmer shades of grey aren't the typical shades of white, so they already look unique. The cooler shades of grey aren't unforgiving as black, so they are easy to execute. Don't forgo this easy way to turn a drab room into a fabulous one. [Click here] to read other articles by

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