Colorado Pot Industry Essay

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It’s a social revolutionary experiment for the next century as the Colorado Pot Industry begins to boom with over 500 pot stores in the state of Colorado. Colorado has drawn people to move to their states over the years and not for the scenery but for medical purposes. Many adults, however many children are on the waiting list for a popular weed medicine called “Charlottes Web”. It’s a strain of marijuana that has significant medicinal value. The Flemming family has seen a tremendous change in the amount of seizures that occurs in the day with Braedon. Marijuana is saving the lives of children that could’ve died if it wasn’t for the strong faith their parents had to the beneficial state. The Colorado Pot Industry is making millions of money from families willing to spend $1000 worth of product that is only a month worth supply to give their children the compassion and hope for a less stressful life. An alternative to smoking pot, is eating it. Edibles, which are tasty and legal arrange …show more content…

Troy Detant, CEO of ArcView predicts in 2018 the U.S. legal pot market will be worth 10 billion dollars as states come on board. With many people familiar with marijuana and can be easily attracted and become a loyal customer to the businesses, I believe the Colorado Pot Industry is in the growth stage. The competition seems to be low with entrepreneurs filling in the gap of the necessities of the drug. Some are selling exclusive plants, rare medical plants, drinks, and edibles. With the many different ways of using marijuana the rivalry tends to be relatively low. The demand is increasing rapidly that some companies such as “Incredibles Edibles” shipping out 40,000 candy bars a month. They go through small portion of 500 pounds a month of marijuana and can’t keep up with the high demand of their

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