Columbia University College Of Physicians And Surgeons Essay

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Columbia University had been my undergraduate dream school but despite a 4.00 high school GPA and a competitive SAT score, I thought it to be beyond my reach and did not apply. I vowed to never doubt myself again and when it came time to construct a list of medical schools to apply to, Columbia University was at the top. If I said I expected an interview, I’d be lying. There were plenty of me’s around the country who had probably applied to Columbia. Same MCAT score, same GPA, extracurricular activities that were just as impressive. So why would I, of all people, get an interview? When I got the interview invite, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Here I was with an opportunity to go pursue the school of my dreams. Now it was a matter of proving to the admissions staff that I’d be a good addition to their student body. Despite what happens, my interview experience at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons is one I’ll never forget for two reasons: The Dean of Admissions was not just the Dean of Admissions
Ever been in a huge lecture hall for a college course? Can you say, without a doubt, that your teacher could match every face in the class to a name? What about if your teacher could recite significant fact about each student in the class? My answer to these questions are no. Coming from an undergraduate school with about 40,000 students, most of my science/ prerequisite courses had a class size of at least 300. If the professor knew anything about me, it

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