Columbine Analysis

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The tragic story of Columbine by Dave Cullen analysis’ the bitter events that were caused by Eric Klebold and Dylan Harris. Although tough to read, the description and imagery within the book about the intense news reports, the role both boys played, and the somber realization of a inspirational marter story furthers the reader's understanding of the truth. Cullen wrote with the purpose to develop each character while going in depth to tell the truth and dispel any rumors that were connected to the tragic 1999 massacre. Truth lied deep in the multiple news stories that were spread across the nation in a matter of minutes. As the world became aware of the tragedies at Columbine many ideas were widely spread, but not all of them were true, Cullen showed the readers the truth of what happened. Distressed students and faculty call the news to report the situation, in such a terrifying experience their judgement and memory is clouded by fear, many people thought that they were telling the truth but in fact it was only the truth that lies in their head. “One hour into the columbine horror, news stations were informing the public that toe or more gunmen were behind it. Two hours in, The Trench Coat Mafia was to blame.” (Cullen 150). New was reported on what was thought to be true at the time, but as they spoke too soon, the information that was spread across the nation proved to be false. As Cullen analyzed thousands of papers, taped and videos he was able to understand where

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