Argumentative Essay On Columbine

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The book Columbine by Dave Cullen has been banned for its content about the Columbine School Shooting and the psychology behind the shooting. It was censored from students because of this content that, while being sensitive and triggering to those who are against gun violence or have PTSD from a situation like this, can help spread awareness about school shootings in a world where events such as the Columbine School Shooting are slowly becoming more and more common. This book, having graphic details about the shooting that can upset people who read it, is a book that can be taught, as its merits, literary qualities, and educational value justify it as a book that teachers can use to bring up valuable points in discussion and teach valuable…show more content…
They savagely murder thirteen high school students and staff, and before ending their own lives in the library, injure many more such as Patrick Ireland, who was shot in the head yet somehow, clinging to life, managed to survive and graduate as valedictorian the next year. Cassie Bernall, one of the Columbine students who was murdered by Dylan Klebold, was long regarded as a martyr, yet it was actually another high school student, Columbine survivor Valeen Schnurr, was the one who was actually asked if she believed in God by Dylan. When Valeen said yes, she was shot by Dylan and survived, later telling her story to others. Coach Dave Sanders, who was shot during the initial attack, survived for a few hours before succumbing to blood loss. His family sued the police as it was shown he could’ve been saved by S.W.A.T but wasn’t. Parents of the kids who were killed in the shooting were upset and fuming at the same time. When parents of the passed were allowed to pay respects to their children, Brian Rohrbough was almost censored when he called Columbine School District “godless” and ended with a bible verse, Isaiah 48:22, saying “There is no peace for the wicked”. This book shows the plan, execution and aftermath of the Columbine School Shooting, and shows the lasting effects, both physical and emotional, an event such as this can have on a group of human beings. A book such as Columbine has literary qualities, merits, and educational value that can justify

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