Comb Jelly Research Paper

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The Comb Jelly Sea Walnut, Rippenqualle (German) Venus' girdle, warty comb jelly, these are just some of the name for the Comb Jelly. This animal is “any member of a common genus (Mnemiopsis) of gelatinous, planktonic marine invertebrates of the order Lobata (class Tentaculata, phylum Ctenophora).” (Encyclopædia Britannica) Because of its pronounced abundance in estuaries in the heavily populated parts of the US and its precarious population growth after the 1980s, the Mnemiopsis Leidyi or Comb Jelly, is the most studied genus in the world. The Comb Jellies live a completely planktonic existence. They are considered circumglobal, oceanic distribution, meaning that they occur worldwide throughout the open ocean, but are most common in
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