Combating Drug Use in America

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The use of illegal drugs has plagued society for thousands of years. Illicit drugs use can be found all around the world. The War on Drugs is a term applied to a campaign on the prohibition of drugs of drug use, with the effort to reduced illegal drug trades. The current War on Drugs has affected our society physically and emotionally, and should end for the better of our society immediately. When the War on Drugs began, it was “The expectation that drug trafficking in the United States could be greatly reduced in a short amount of time through federal policing and yet the war on drugs continues to this day.” (Becker1) The war on drugs is an unwinnable war.
The War on Drugs was first implemented on July 14, 1969, when President Richard
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“It is sold in limited quantities and in order to purchase it the buyer must be 18 years old and show a photo ID.” (Redmond1)
Another way the war on drugs have affected people is being drug tested to get a job. Employers do not want their employees going into work high on drugs. “Over 80 percent of employer’s drug test their workers and workers to be. If illicit drugs show up in their urine, they don’t get the job.” (Redmond1) “Marijuana users are among the most vulnerable to failing drug tests because the drug can be detected in the urine for up to a month.”(Redmond1) The government cannot keep drugs out of super max prisons, so it is not possible to win the war on drugs. “Alcohol and tobacco, which is a far more dangerous drug than marijuana, are not subject to screening. In addition, random, suspicionless drug testing is allowed in many workplaces. If you come up positive, it can be automatic grounds for discipline or termination” (Redmond1)
Drugs have definitely hurt our nation and society in many ways. Most Americans do not realize how drugs are affecting families, communities and unborn children. The drug war should not be treated solely as a criminal matter but rather as a health matter. “If you send a drug user to prison, they will likely come out a drug user. If you send a drug user to treatment, they will usually come out as
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