Combating Teen Pregnancy In The United States

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Abbie Helmer
Mr. Polk
Honors English 11
Combating Teen Pregnancy
Bringing a baby into the world is seen as a blessing, but it can also cause many problems when the parents are teenagers. Teen pregnancy can be very damaging to a person. It is also easily avoidable by schools and parents increasing the education level on forms of contraception that are available to people. By discussing the effects of teen pregnancy with peers and adults, adolescents can take greater precautions in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Although the trend of teenage girls bearing children is is lowering, the rate of teen pregnancies in the United States remains higher than the rate of teen pregnancy in other developed countries. This is a serious issue that …show more content…

In the past three decades, the number of infants born to teen mothers has decreased from “84.1 births per 1,000 teens aged 15–19 years in 1991 to an all-time low of 29.4 in 2012” (Cox et al.). This trend is promising for even further decline in the decades to come. However, there are things that could be done, like increasing teenagers’ awareness on safe sex, to help lower current teen pregnancy rates because even though the number of teen pregnancies has lowered overall, the United States “teen pregnancy rate remains up to seven times higher than in some developed countries” (Romero et al.). Steps need to be taken to change these statistics. While teen pregnancy is an issue in other countries besides the United States, it is not nearly as prominent. A study was completed using data from 2011, or the most recent year prior, to compare the rate of teen pregnancy among a variety of developed countries (Sedgh et al.). This study compared the number of teen pregnancies ages fifteen to nineteen among a variety of developed countries, and the United States had substantially higher rates. For every 1000 teens ages fifteen to nineteen, 57 gave birth in the United States, compared to eight in Switzerland (Sedgh et al.). Though these numbers have declined in recent years, there is more that could be done to prevent teen pregnancies, including increased …show more content…

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