Comedy Vs Comedy

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There are generally considered two types of theatre, the drama and the comedy. While my family may be full of those whose preference is that of the comedy, I am one who particularly looks down upon the comedy and tends to favor productions of a more dramatic and serious tone. Therefore, being required to watch a comedy is something that is outside of my comfort zone. I have seen stand up shows in the past so I was expecting the show to involve a similar formula. The comedian would come onto the stage, face the microphone and talk about the usual humorous stories. It is a trite formula that while it does guarantee laughs, it does not always bring variety. I was in my seat, the lights went down and the repetitious comedic music finally stopped playing. The show was about to begin. The comedian stepped onto the stage in a fashion that made it appear as though he was surprised to see the crowd, though I presume this was just a part of his comedic routine. As his performance began, I was relieved to see that the show was not going to consist of a man standing in the middle of a stage talking to the audience. Rather it included various skits of different types, such as one where the comedian alternated back and forth between two roles in the same scene and several that involved audience participation. Having sat next to a couple that was all too willing to volunteer; I will admit that it was quite amusing to see how willing people were to humiliate themselves in

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