Coming Home From The Great War Diary Essay

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November 10, 1918

One more day! Tomorrow is the day father is coming home from the Great War and I couldn’t be any more excited than I already am! He’s been gone for so long and I’m really looking forward to this. Everything’s going to be better. Mother won’t be sad anymore and everything will be normal again. She won’t be so tired from all of the work that father did when he was home. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have even left. He didn’t even have to go. He knew things were going to be hard for us. I just hope that he will apologize for leaving when he gets back.


November 11, 1918

I’m so excited, he’s going to be here soon! Just an hour left before mother and I can go to the war meeting place in the city park at 7:30. I’ll …show more content…

I’m becoming nervous, but I, I want to wait just a little longer. The general is out shaking hands and hugging loved ones, so I’m thinking that father must be somewhere around there. I must go look with mother and if he isn’t there, I guess we'll just have to ask about him.


November 15, 1918

I haven’t been able to talk to you diary… I just can’t. That day in the park, was the worst. I’m not sure if I can keep calm while I tell you this, but, the news is just horrible. As I told you before, mother and I couldn’t find father for quite some time, so we went over to the general. He told us something that I just can’t bare to say again after this. He said that father never came back from the very last battle they had. He told us he was shot and instantly died. At that moment I was frozen. I looked at mother and I could tell she was too. Everything just stopped and I had to close my eyes. Oh diary, I can’t speak of this any more. It’s too hard to think about.


November 20, 1918

I can tell mother isn’t doing so good. It hasn’t been but a week or two since we found out the horrible news. I just can’t keep track anymore. We’re not doing so good now and we really need help recovering from this loss. Mother is barely getting past her job and her monthly pay is only 45 dollars. We can only eat twice a day to conserve the money. I can’t go to school anymore, it costs too much. Mother is thinking about

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