Commentary On The Secret Of Bees

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While reading the entertaining commentary on The secret of bees, my opinions were questioned more than once. Several of the statements I completely agreed with, while others I disagreed strongly. The first statement that came to my attention was that “If I were a South Carolina resident, I would be unhappy since the author’s depiction of the state was unflattering.” This is true, Sue Monk Kidd did not persuaded me to visit. However, I doubt that many would be unhappy. The book took place over 50 years ago and numerous conditions have changed. However, heavy racism is alive in the South today, and if residents and readers realized what racism actually is, maybe it would encourage them to change their ways. I wasn’t surprised that our Catholic school assigned us this novel, even though August worships a different religion. The Secret Life of Bees has won numerous awards and is well loved. Even, though it …show more content…

The writer of the commentary wrote that it didn’t make much sense for black parents to name their child after a president that was pro-slavery. Blacks weren’t educated as equally as whites, and maybe they just admired the name Zachary and was just a coincidence. I thought that that the statement about May overreacting on Zach being arrested. It was narrow-minded because the justice system was different 50 years ago. It has been shown in the book that even with the most minor offenses, blacks receive more extreme treatment, while whites can beat someone and walk away scot-free. Even though Zach didn’t break the law, the police didn’t care that he was innocent. I disagree on how T. Ray is 100% evil. He is extremely misguided, clueless on how to raise a child, in grieving, and is reminded of the women he loves every time he looks at his daughter. Although most of the things he did were inexcusable, we don’t receive any background on T. Ray other than that he was evil. I feel that talking about his part would deepen his

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