Commentary on Old Major's Speech Essay

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Commentary on Old Major's Speech

Old Major's speech was directed to the animals. It was about over throwing the man and the animals should take over. It was all a rebellion. In this short essay I will describe the persuasive techniques used by Old Major to persuade his fellow animals to follow his dreams. I will include quotes and other important features used by Orwell. The main part of his speech is on his dream.

Old Major the 'Middle White Boar' chooses the place and the time to make his speech very carefully. From this we can infer that he has taken his time to analyse successful techniques employed by other famous speakers from the past. In addition Old Major has a title and that is he …show more content…

Comrades are Old Major's main word in the speech to attract the audience to him.

Before he starts the speech on his dream he does an intro on his and says he will die soon. He convinces the audience that they understand his concerns and that the animals and him share interests in common and one of the interests Orwell states is that 'our lives are miserable, laborious and short.' The point of this line is that Old Major is trying to tell the animals everyone dies and that it is nature. In addition he establishes his expertise or personal experience to convince his fellow creatures that the farm will be able to 'support a dozen horses, twenty cows, hundreds of sheep.' This is also an example of using the list of 3 on a rhetorical device.

Another well thought of persuasive technique is that Orwell makes Old Major use repetition when he says the seven commandments 'No animal must ever live in a house, No animal must ever sleep in a bed, No animal must ever wear clothes, No animal must ever drink alcohol, No animal must ever smoke tobacco.' Old major's employs a lot of rhetorical questions that he answers afterward one of them was about a fellow animal called Clover here is the rhetorical question 'where are

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