Commercial Whaling and its Controversy

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Many countries have been killing whales calling it “research”. Many believe that commercial whaling is not okay and is killing whales off. The international community has to make the choice whether we want to risk killing them. We should continue killing the whales at certain guidelines as to how many each year. It is a part of some cultures and we should not harm that. There are a few positives that come from the whaling. There is different cultures that influence eating different kinds of foods. Some cultures do not understand the importance of whaling, many countries do not whale. Many cultures think that whaling is part of their countries way of life (Skare). People in many U.S states hunt for many different animals, how is hunting any worse than killing whales. Media plays a big role in making whaling out to be a very evil practice. Whale Wars sabotage the Japanese ships that are whaling. Whale Wars throws stuff onto the ships deck. Whale meat consists of very high amounts of nutrients. For many countries that eat a lot of whale it is easy access to nutrients. Whale is very high in protein. It is also very low in saturated fats which is really good to not have(Nutrition Facts). They do not just kill whales they also do research on the whales and the populations. They evaluate the deep sea roles of whales and the food chains (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs). On the flip side there are a lot of very bad things that come from whaling as much as some countries do.

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