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In both “Hall of Fame” and “As I Grew Older” there was a common theme that I found. The common theme was that if you want your dreams to come true you need to work for them. Nothing is going to come easily to you in life that is why you need to work hard. In both of the texts they have many similarities and differences between them even though they share a common theme.

In the text “Hall of Fame” they say that you could be the greatest and you could be the best. They say you can be all these things. Then they say if you dedicate yourself then you are going to find yourself in the Hall of Fame. Which basically means that if you work hard towards your dreams then you will get what you want. If you work hard enough they are saying you will achieve your ultimate goal whatever that might be. In the third stanza of “Hall of Fame” it basically talks about all the same things. They talk about all these things you can achieve if you work hard towards them. One of my favorite lines from it is “How you ever gonna know if you never even try?” That means how do you know you are going to be bad at something or good at something if never have even tried it before.

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Which is you need to work hard to achieve your goals. “Hall of Fame” expresses this theme by saying all these things you could be if you work hard enough. Then after that they say if you can dedicate yourself you will find yourself at your ultimate goal or in the song the Hall of Fame. In “As I Grew Older” there is an obstacle the author has to surpass to get to his dream. The only to get to his dream is through this obstacle. So he decides that he is going to dedicate himself to knock down this obstacle. He wants to knock down this obstacle anyway possible he does not care about any type of sacrifices he will take because. He knows that the end result will be his ultimate goal or his

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