Communication And How It Affects Nursing As A Profession

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Communication is central to human interaction and occurs planned or unplanned on a daily basis. Using verbal, nonverbal, written, or unwritten communication are methods in which information, a person’s thoughts, and feelings are shared. To become an ultimate professional in a field, such as nursing, it is vital to be able to communicate well with peers and clients. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the pros and cons, societal issues, promotion of change, and other pertinent issues that relates to communication and how it affects nursing as a profession.
Communication is the foundation of how humans are able to interact amongst each other with the goal of conveying a message. Goals of communication include: informing, educating, influencing, and building relationships. To communicate efficiently there is a process to be followed. When communicating there needs to be a sender, this is the person wanting to transmit a message. The message, includes the information that needs to be transmitted. There is a channel, by which the message is conveyed. The receiver, who receives and interprets the message, and the receiver’s response. Lastly, the message needs to be clear, and the verbal and nonverbal message should be congruent (Blais and Hayes, 2011).
Undoubtedly, in a healthcare setting, communication is an important issue since lives are on the line. As nurses that work to treat patients with different diagnoses it is important to have an open line of communication.
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