Communication Between The And Communication

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How one individual communicates with another varies depending on a number of different factors. Perhaps the most dominant factor in communication is the relationship between the communicators. For example, one is going to interact differently with a sibling, than they would with a love interest. The wide variety of available relationships between people generates a wide range of communication styles and variations. Everything ranging from nonverbal to verbal communication can differ when the relationship is clearly modified. Although the many concepts of communication may seem very unequivocal, they can be drastically different when compared between different forms of relationships. When observed, one can clearly see the many differences in communication between different relationships of communicators. The concept of attributions can be clearly observed between conversations no matter what the relationship. An attribution is an explanation of why something happened or why someone acts a certain way (Wood, 2015). Attributions are made when an individual cannot seem to fully grasp a sustainable amount of reliable information about another individual, leading them to make judgments and assumptions about that individual’s personality based on previous characteristics they have witnessed. These assumptions and judgments help individuals try to understand why one behaves a certain way and are very common among almost any type of relationship. Creating these attributions allows
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