Communication Management For Securing The Olympic Committee Voter Bid

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1) The 2024 Summer Olympics are less than 22 months away… Please research one of the below campaign host cities and use examples of Communication Management for securing the Olympic Committee voter bid. For the Summer Olympic games in 2024 I choose Los Angeles as the host city because it hosted the 1932 games. Another reason I picked Los Angeles was because they are the most diverse city in America but they are also the Western capital of the US, The Northern Capital of Latin America, and Eastern capital of the Pacific Rim. With that there are three main examples of communication management to help LA secure its vote in the Olympic bid. 1) Communication Process- Los Angeles released a video calling it “LA24” and it shows why LA should be chosen to hold the 2024 Olympics by having facts about LA come up throughout the video while watching someone run or swim or bike. 2) Sport Organizational Image- LA has hosted the Olympic games in 1932 so they aren’t new to this huge sporting event. The target audience in the “LA24” is focused on all ages and races. I think they wanted to show that LA welcomes everyone of every race, language, ect. 3) Sport Promotion- Below are some of the sport promotional mix • Advertising- LA24 is their main advertisement as of yet • Sponsorship- 161 million to bring Olympics to LA • Public Relations- Media, TV, News, ect 2. Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports is looking to hire veteran sports agents as well as buy their agencies to build their

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