Communication Theory and the News

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Communication Theory and the News There are three major cable news outlets and all three seem to have a particular point of view which is expressed through their coverage of news stories. The three major cable news outlets are: MSNBC, FOX, and CNN, and each presents a different aspect of the theory of communications as asserted by scientist and researcher, Joep Cornelissen. In his article, "Toward and Understanding of the Use of Academic Theories in Public Relations Practice," Cornelissen proposed three models by which academic theories can be applied to practical situations: "instrumental, conceptual, and translational. (Cornelissen, 2000, p.316) The three major cable news outlets seem to follow the three models proposed by Cornelissen in the way they have decided to present the recent death of Trayvon Martin. While one of these outlets presents Trayvon as a victim of a racist vigilante, another does everything it can to mitigate the racial issues involved, and the third appears to take a centered, investigative and emotional view. It is extremely interesting to explore how three different cable news outlets can present the same story in three very different ways. It was on February 26th 2012 that a 17 year old African American youth named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a White/Hispanic community watch coordinator, George Zimmerman in Florida. While the facts of the case are still uncertain, and the trial of George Zimmerman has not yet begun, there has been a
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