Communism In Iran

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levels of government.” (CIA) New light has been shed on the operation which we now can put together in a clearer picture truly how our involvement progressed and got this policy of regime change to take hold and become the success as it was seen as. This was a historical event as it was the first and successful as well at an attempt of regime change in another country.
The newly released papers do show that the U.S. had reservations and suspicions about the spread of communism in Iran. The change of governments in the United States, as well as the Dulles brothers certain conflict of interest all played into this coup taking place. These documents also show that the British desperately wanted to regain access and control over Iran’s …show more content…

Donald N. Wilber, an instrumental planner of the mission, wrote immediately following the coup regarding if Mossadeq fell or retained power, "If that happened (Mossadeq staying in power), it would mean a victory for the Soviets. This was generally assumed, but in the context of the Cold War, it was reasonable to see that if Mosaddeq stayed in power, he might search for financial help in the arms of the USSR. in the Cold War and a major setback for the West in the Middle East," "It was the aim of the TPAJAX project" -- that was the mission's code name -- "to cause the fall of the Mossadeq government; to re-establish the prestige and power of the Shah." (national security archive) The U.S. was and especially the CIA was planning his overthrow nearly immediately after he was democratically elected as Prime Minister. I believe that this was essentially due to the Dulles brothers places in the government, and their connections to British oil, especially Iranian oil.
The CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service used propaganda and built up anti-Mossadeq fervor according to released CIA documents. They used the press, leaflets, and even the local clergy to drive this agenda forward. Whatever was necessary, whatever could be done, was. This operation had no boundaries or subordinates even caring if there were rules of the game.
According to released CIA documents, “On August 19, 1953, the coup swung into full effect as the CIA and British intelligence

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