Communism In The U.S. Essay

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Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, was the originator of the political and economic theory of Scientific Socialism (modern Communism). Communism, by definition, is the complete control of major resources and the means of production by government, initially in the form of autocracy. In theory, under this system all would be equal; all would share in both work, according to their ability, and profit, according to need. According to Marx, the proletariat, or working class, would revolt against the bourgeoisie, or wealthy capitalist class, because of the stark contrast prevalent between the wealthy and poor. The new economy, run by and for the people, would produce not for profit, but for the needs of the people. …show more content…

There was a nationwide “Red Scare”.
After the death of USSR leader Joseph Stalin, reports were made about his method for controlling his country. The Khrushchev Reports, as they were called, revealed the brutal tactics that Stalin used in marshaling resources to accomplish his objectives. If discord was detected, Stalin and his regime were quick in suppression, at any cost. This had a disastrous affect upon the American Communist movement. For, it was Stalin that the members of this party most highly regarded. These revelations were so disheartening that, within two years, the membership of the American Communist party declined by more than 80%. The will of the believers had been crippled.
American government and society, as seen through events such as the McCarthy hearings, displayed a “Communist” as an evil, traitorous, spy. They were portrayed as contrary to all American ideals, as wanting the destruction of democracy and freedom, by means of force. However, the communists, in actuality, were none of the kind. Firstly, they were individuals who believed in Socialism, not Communism. Furthermore, they did not want the demise of democracy through revolt. Rather, they wanted to change the political structure through their right to vote, a democratic right. These

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