Communities Expect Officers To Honor Their Oath By Protecting

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Communities expect officers to honor their oath by protecting and serving the neighborhoods they work in, treating everyone fairly, and most importantly to not abuse the powers granted to them by the citizens that reside in the jurisdiction they serve. Police excessive use of force and other official misconduct is a major emerging issue that tremendously plagued the relationship between law enforcement officials and the public the last several years. Police misconduct translates into continuous complaints against the police by citizens, which is the reason why various departments around the United States have implemented the use of body cameras. The purpose of police body cameras is to reduce police use of force, increase police …show more content…

In Lopez V. U.S. (1963), the United States Supreme Court ruled that officers can record everything they can lawfully see or hear without violating the Fourth Amendment (Brocklin, 2016). Brocklin (2016) notes that the Lopez V. U.S. (1963) case does not address other privacy issues body cameras present. Body cameras will enable officers to review incidents and manipulate the recording by using the slow monition feature and zooming in. This will allow officers to potentially see incriminating evidence they missed, which should require a warrant to investigate further (Brocklin, 2016). U.S. Supreme court rulings have addressed the right of defendants in regards to privacy rights, but not those who are not charged with a crime, which leaves witnesses of a crime and victims vulnerable to privacy violations.
In addition, supporters of body cameras have argued that this new innovation to policing is positive and beneficial for both police department’s administrators, police officers, citizens, and the courts in plenty of ways. Those who are in favor body camera note that recording police interactions keep the officer and the subject they are addressing well behaved because video recording is viewed as an oversight. According to Katz et al. (2014), numbers of arrests are higher among officers who wear body cameras than those do not. Also, complaints by citizens against officers who

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