Police Body Cameras Should Reduce Police Misconduct

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The idea of using the hook and eye method to achieve coherence and connect thoughts between sentences and paragraphs makes perfect sense. However, I had never put much thought into the method used to accomplish this. As I poured through articles, looking at the different types of research methods used, I could not help but notice the hook and eye connections. I also wondered if they the author was familiar with the hook and eye concept, or if this is a common, natural way of writing. I also know that I need more time using and identifying the main connections (phrases or words).
I selected an article about police body cameras. The article cited several studies, as well as the authors’ ideas and thoughts. The article, titled Police Body Cameras, is part of the CATO Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, and prepared by Matthew Feeney in 2015. The theme throughout the article is that the use of body cameras will reduce police misconduct. Although we all hope this is the case, we must also look at the other issues involved with the wearing of body cameras. In an effort to gain citizen buy-in and obtain their opinions, they conducted surveys. Interestingly enough, most people did not want the officers to record them, unless it was during an enforcement encounter, such as a traffic stop or arrest situation.
In looking at the effects body camera had in relation to police behavior, they cited a study from Rialto, California. They conducted the study over a

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