Community Based Treatments

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Sometimes when a juvenile is charged with a crime there are options available to them that does not include jail time. One option is community-based treatments, community-based treatments refers to efforts to provide care, protection, and treatment for juveniles that are in need. The two community-based treatments that I will focus on are probation and electronic monitoring.
Probation is non-punitive legal dispositions for delinquent youths, emphasizing treatment without incarceration. Probation can be assigned to a youth as a sentence for a crime. What happens with probation is the youth is assigned a probation officer and are given specific rules they must follow while on probation. They may also be assigned to participate in other specific treatment programs as well. The juvenile has certain times a month that they meet with an officer and the officer makes sure that the juvenile is keeping up with any other assigned treatment, and following all the rules that were assigned by the court. They must also follow all of the conditions of their parole, which can include maintaining a residence, leading law-abiding lives, and not associating with certain individuals.
Electronic monitoring, also known as house arrest, is a program that allows offenders sentenced to probation to remain in the community on condition that they stay at home during specific periods. Usually they have a device attached to their ankles that corresponds with a box in the home

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