Essay about The United States Correctional System

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THE US CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM The US Correctional System has many different types of punishments, which are based upon the type of crime the offender commits. Murder, Rape and Identity theft are all crimes, crimes that carry different types of punishments. Some crimes such as murder for example have different levels that are based on it nature, first, second, and third degree murder are all three types of murder but carry a different punishment. There are some crimes though that does not carry a large jail or prison sentence such as driving under the influence (DUI). This type of crime is most like going to sentence the offender to alcohol awareness (AA) classes as a form of punishment, in hopes of rehabilitating the offender to give up …show more content…

Probation it a sentence handed down by a judge that gives an offender freedom based on terms that are set by a judge (Schmalleger). These set roles the offender may face are things such as random drug testing and some form of rehabilitation. This gives offenders a second chance to rehabilitate them self and fallow the law.
HOW THE US CORECTIONAL SYSTEM REHABILITATES OFFENDERS The US Correctional System gives a lot of offenders the chance to change their ways, by helping the rehabilitate them self’s. Rehabilitation is the attempt to reform an offender or also used a rehabilitated meaning the reform of an offender (Schmalleger). Forms of rehabilitation in the correctional system would be court ordered by a judge for an offender that is addicted to drugs or alcohol to be sentence to rehab to kick there addiction. This can be very helpful for repeat offenders that crimes they commit are due to their addiction to drugs/alcohol. There are different kinds of programs to help with the rehabilitation of an offender, programs such as “Office of Program Accountability and Support: This office supports the division by providing support services, and overseeing data collection and analysis of participation within programs offered to inmates and parolees. Office of Offender Services: This office is broken into two separate units. One supports the In-Prison Programs, and the other supports Community and Reentry

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