Community Service Observation

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I entered the restaurant at 7:27 pm and went straight to the restroom, someone was occupying the restaurant so I decided to get in line at 7:28 pm there was 5 customer's ahead of me in line to order. I notice a lady left the bathroom, so I exited the line for ordering and went to the restroom. The bathroom was clean, well stocked with tissue, napkins and the trash was low as if it had been emptied, there was no paper or debris on the floor and the mirror was clean with no smears. I exited the restroom and reentered the line to order at 7:30 pm. I approached the counter and Anjanetta said, "my I placed your order," I ask Anjanette for the current specials and she mention the $5.00 box and I said I would like that, she ask me what piece of meet…show more content…
There was a female with dreaded hair, African American dark complexion , slim built 5'4, she had on a name tag on but there was no name on the tag, age between 20-24 years of age slim built she walked up and ask the cashier for a courtesy cup. The 3rd employee was African American, medium built, between the age of 21-24 years of age, black hair in a pony tail, medium built who was in and out of the store and keep getting on the register doing something, but it was not ringing up customer she was on the register closest to the exit behind the counter. Allie the manager came up to assist Anjanette they had 2 customer waiting before me with large family orders of chicken. I overheard someone say, "Anjanette is going to break", Anjanette left the cashier without give Allie update of where she was with processing customer orders. Allie, was upset by that and ask spoke to Anjanette from across the counter, what is going on with these customer's orders and Anjanette explain to her what was going…show more content…
Allie ask me what I order, Anjanette said what I was waiting on and Allie fixed my order and Allie said to me, "sorry about that". I receive my order and condiments I ask for. The chicken was fresh, the mashed potatoes tasted like they had been sitting for sometime, they were kind of hard on the stop layer, the buscuit was hot, soft and freshly made. I enjoyed the buscuit with honey. The red beans and rice my favorite were horrible, they were not even at room temperature they were not fit to be eaten and I did not enjoy them. I throw them
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