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Community Zip Code Project
Le’Nette Wilder
Central School of Practical Nursing
September 12,2016

I have lived in the city of East Cleveland for the past year. Before residing here I stayed in multiple southeast suburbs of Cleveland. This project has actually brought a lot of light to my thoughts about this city. For the longest I always considered it just an old run down part of Cleveland that just didn’t have the funds to keep it up. From the pot holes on literally every street, to the many abandoned homes on almost every corner. I just didn’t think too much of it. So researching for this project was very interesting. I currently reside on the border of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland. There are actually two …show more content…

Keeping them healthy and active should be important being that they are the ones that have been here the longest. I would love to see the city incorporate another recreation center for children. Most children don’t do anything all day but watch television or are on the internet all day. They have nothing to do with themselves. If there is only one recreation center, it can’t hold as nearly as many kids as we assume. They also seem to be lacking safety procedures. I know of multiple situations where a family or person suffered injuries or have died because they knew nothing about carbon monoxide nor did they have any detectors. Unlike most cities, East Cleveland doesn’t participate in any safety or disaster …show more content…

I believe most importantly the city tries to save money and so a lot of things have to be cut and sacrificed. The majority of individuals that I questioned about residing here in East Cleveland where only satisfied with living here because this is where they have been living for many years. But if given the chance to move into a zip code that had more resources, then they would. My outlook on the city before and after this project honestly did not change. This city is in need of a lot of resources and community action. I believe if they would join The City of Cleveland, then they would have more resources to

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