Company Analysis: Harfam Makmur Jaya, Situbondo Indonesia

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The framework is derived from literature of foresty invesment performance measurement as well as from the case study findings. Case study has been implemented in Harfam Makmur Jaya, Situbondo Indonesia, a forestacy company investment.

III. Finding and Discussion
3.1. Company Profile
Case study conducted in Harfam, a company engaged in the planting of forests since 2004. Starting from the high attention of Harfam founders to the conservation of nature and natural empowerment that can provide economic value. Soils and Critical land planted tested with teak seedlings and Jabon. Further, it is developed by means of recovery plants. Soil quality becomes better. Land becomes green again.
Harfam in collaboration with field forestry experts and forest dwellers do maintain forest, also formulate suitable fertilizer for managed plants. Crop has better quality, the failure rate is small and the sale value of forest products is very high which can provide welfare for the owner and support village community. Harfam also does research on plant seeds. …show more content…

Forest planting is done through a system of intercropping with other productive plants. Harfam manages forests, are not wholly owned by Harfam. Forests also owned by individual owners who invest in his own land.
Harfam has vision to be the biggest environment exploiter and preserver company in the world. The mission of Harfam is:
a. Educating people about the importance of managing forest land into economic value and foster a desire to invest as well as to grow awareness of the value of benefits that can provide shared prosperity.
b. Synergy with reputable institutions in related

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