Sustainable Agriculture Is The Way Of Producing Food Without An Environment Essay

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Sustainable agriculture is the way of producing food without any harm to an environment. Sustainable agriculture defines as a way to agriculture, which concentrate on producing food in a harmless way to environment and contributes to the livelihood of communities (Keating, 2008). Sustainable agriculture combines many principles and practices that contribute to growers, farmland, economic, and environment. Moreover, sustainable agriculture is spreading around the world, but it is difficult in practice. This research paper consists the majors’ benefits from doing sustainable agriculture that are society, economic and environment that come from case studies in the United Stated and Thailand, and it also includes an examination of implementing of sustainable agriculture in China and Korea.

Benefits from sustainable agriculture in the United States Sustainable agriculture is widely implemented throughout the United States. Therefore, farmers may have more alternative ways to do an agriculture. However, it depends on whether which areas are better or appropriate to grow what kind of plants. Some area has an advantages condition such as weather, sunlight, soil, etc. These factors are affect directly to which kind of plant is suitable to grow in general. There are many cases of successful sustainable agriculture farms that contribute benefits to economic, environment and society. Wheat farm is one of the case that had been success in implementing a sustainable

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