Company Selection for Account Management Studies: Coca-Cola

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Company Selection: Coca Cola While studying management accounting at a large firm might seem a complex and daunting enough task as it is, it might seem more so with a company as large and complex as Coca Cola. Cost control is a major and complex concern for any company, and Coca Cola's somewhat unique division amongst its suppliers, its distributors (some of which are company owned and some of which are not), and its retailers (almost none of which are company owned and operated) makes a determination of applicable costs difficult, let alone developing measures for cost control (Hendrickson, 2008; Coca Cola, 2012). The fact that the company has many complex and difficult cost control issues does not make it less worth of study, however, but actually quite the opposite. Though a difficult task to be sure, a detailed examination of management accounting and cost control as it is practiced at Coca Cola at all levels of operation would provide significant insight into the theoretical and practical elements of the field as a whole. Coca Cola also makes an interesting choice for further study due to the company's clear commitment to incorporating management accounting methods and perspectives throughout its operations. One of the clearest indicators of this commitment can be found in the identity and background of the company's current Chief Operating Officer, Jacques Vermeulen (Coca Cola, 2012). A chartered accountant and a chartered management accountant, Vermeulen has
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