Compare Amour Et Psych�, Enfants And The Pursuit Of Happyness

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he painting Amour et Psyché, enfants is an oil painting by William Adolphe created in 1890 and the motion picture "the Pursuit of Happyness" by Steven Conrad both effectively convey the power of love in a time of despair. In this paper, I will argue that both Amour et Psyché, enfants and "The Pursuit of Happyness" both communicate how the role of love plays into overcoming hardships. In the following paragraphs, we will consider the inspirations, scenery, techniques used to convey the mood and the stories behind these artworks that shed light in the depiction of love within and after sorrow. Furthermore, within these two pieces of painted and cinematic artwork, the inspirations that sparked their creation help you to understand that both of the creators are trying to interpret a different way of communicating love. Hence, this gives us a better understanding of what the pieces are trying to portray. Amour et Psyché enfants was inspired by a story written by Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche were one of Bouguereau’s favorite myths, and he painted it quite often. He was inspired by the prominence of peace and love that prevails after enduring hardships. Likewise, he was also inspired by the innocence and purity of Jr which he symbolized in the style in which he painted. For example, the way he chose to paint the children is well thought out and meaningful. Their pale skin is luminous and has a rosy complexion to symbolize their purity. On the other, The event that

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