Compare And Contrast A Telephone Call And The Child's Story

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Compare and Contrast
A Telephone Call vs The Child's Story
By:Summer Armstrong
The stories “A Telephone Call” and “The Child’s Story” tell two very different stories but have many similarities. These stories are two of America’s favorite short stories. They are both very great stories to learn from, but in different ways. These stories are loved for their life lessons. A Telephone Call teaches you that women don't need a man to call them. The Child’s Story teaches us to cherish every moment we have with our family. These stories have many similarities and many differences.
In these stories they both have a romantic relationship of some sort. In both stories the author changes the emotions rapidly. In A Telephone Call the woman is optimistic at first and then gets angry and upset then she starts to make excuses. In The Child’s Story the author changes emotions by the traveller being happy for finding someone then losing them, this happens multiple times. Another similarity is that you do not know exactly how old the main characters are. In A Telephone Call you are to assume she is in her mid 20s because of the way she talks about the man and that it seems as she lives alone. In The Child’s Story the main character is just called a “traveler” because he is able to play and run and walk through all the moments it is to assume that he is late 20s.
These stories have many differences as well. One of the main differences is where they are set. A Telephone Call is set in the main

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