Compare And Contrast Ancient Romes And Roman Slavery

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When you hear the word slavery, the image of the horrendous deed that was the American enslavement of Africans most likely comes to mind. But, slavery goes much further back than the early 1800’s of agricultural America. The ancient Romans had slaves,but it differed fromAmerican enslavement. It can be a common idea that American slavery and Roman slavery werealmost the exact same, but that is not the case (Fragments). By comparing the two types of slavery,the ideacan bepresentedthat the two may have had similar ideas and goals,butthey were not the same thing.In ancient Rome, slaves were acquired through trade and slave markets and were often prisoners of war and piracy orthe children of men and women who were slaves themselves (Cartwrightand …show more content…

Slaves also worked on farms in olive and grain fields as well as in gold and silver mines (Cartwrightand Cartwright). Slaves were used in all manual labors in every aspect except in the public office (Cartwrightand Cartwright). Today, the everyday person looks back on this time and sees Roman slavery as the unfair treatment and manipulation of the lower class of people. But without these slaves, Rome would have never been the highly advanced civilization we know today. Slaves were¼ of the population and were found everywhere. Their large numbers worried government members about revolt and rebellion ("The Roman Empire: In The First Century. The Roman Empire. SocialOrder. Slaves & Freemen | PBS") but, due to their lack of education, those feared revolts were very unlikely. In Rome, the massive statues and famous ancient ruins were all built by slaves. Roman culture was known for their giant bath houses and complex cities, all completed under the manual labor of slaves. All the architecture built, all the items made and sold, everything that boosted the constant rising economy of Rome were all because of the handiwork of the slaves ("Slavery In Ancient Rome | UNRV.Com"). Slaves were the reason for the Roman civilizations’ continuous advancement that influenced modern countries. Fast forward to 1619 when the very first slaves were broughtto Americafrom Africa to the Jamestown Colony in Virginia (America). A few years later, the Atlantic Slave Trade had …show more content…

After the cotton gin was invented, the economy in the south boosted after it had fallen due to the exhaustion of tobacco and slavery grew again. Families were separated, people were worked and beat to death, and freedoms were stripped away. Slavery in America was cruel and would lead to the physical and mental division in the United States.Families on plantations lived in small barns called quarters that did a very poor job of protecting against the elements (Costly). Slaves were fed very little and the quality of the food would sometimes not even be suitable for animals (Costly). Slaves were also required to live by a set of laws called “Slave Codes” which outlined what a slave could and could not do and the punishment for breaking the said code (Costly). Jobsincluded weaving, cotton picking, harvesting sugar, tobacco and coffee, cooking, building railroads and butchering (“Black Peoples Of America-Work Done By Slaves-History”). In 1777 northern states began to abolish slavery (“History Of Slavery”) butthe south would take longer to do so, leading to the Civil War in 1861. After the Civil War ended and the Union succeeded, the 13th amendment was passed and slavery was abolished. But that was not the end of the racial inequality African-Americans would facein America. Racial segregation would start its long, painful journey in 1877 when Jim Crow laws were first introduced and wouldn’t end until 1965 with the Civil

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