Compare And Contrast Beccaria's View On The Utility Of A Community

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Overall happiness and utility is when the most amount of pleasure is given for the least amount of pain. However, utility is only beneficial to a majority of society and can cause several others to suffer IF it is offering the best pain to pleasure ratio. Utility of a community leaves a lot of room to argue that people can be but through an unreasonable amount of pain if it offers better utility for the community. Beccaria argues that punishment that is abused or unnecessary will be ineffective in a society. Therefore, he is challenging Bentham’s view on the utility of a community. Beccaria’s view on a society is that a social contract will keep the pain to pleasure ratio at a reasonable point, while also arguing that utility to individuals is just as important. Beccaria would not agree that utility is what justifies punishment. However, he would agree that by joining a society and agreeing to the social contract theory then one is agreeing that punishment is justified. Beccaria argues that when one joins a community they are knowingly agreeing to a social contract. That social contract is kept in place in order to promote a society that is able to live in harmony with each other and promote overall happiness in the community. However, when one agrees to the contract, they are also agreeing to the laws that come with that society. They are automatically agreeing to the contract by not leaving the society. The laws are in place in order to keep harmony in the society. It is

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