Compare And Contrast Bowhunt And Rifle Hunting

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Hunting is something we've done since we've been on this planet. We used to do it out of necessity, but in the modern world we do it for many other reasons. As technology has increased, we have developed different methods of hunting. These methods have carried over to today, but two have prevailed: bowhunting and rifle hunting. These methods are both hunting--obviously--but they're different in almost every other sense. Bowhunting and rifle hunting are different based on the weapon used, the way you hunt, and your connection with the animal and the land around it; however, the same in the way the respective methods bring people together. First, the weapons are so very different. I'm sure without me explaining this whatsoever, anybody could note that a bow and a rifle have about as much similarity as a mouse and a lion. However, you can look at these two weapons on a much deeper level. Not only at how they're different, but also how inferior one is too the other--the bow to the rifle. Without debate, the bow is a much less effective weapon because a great bowhunter can shoot 80 yards comfortably; whereas, a great rifle hunter can take 1000 yard shots. A mediocre guy can hop out of his F-150, stumble to the fence, and shoot deer at 200 yards--no problem. So why do people continue to use a bow? This is a hard question to answer, but I believe people continue to use a bow because they want more of a hunt. Some people like a challenge--these people bowhunt. Because the two

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