Compare And Contrast Boy And Johnny Got His Gun

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Compare and Contrast Many people go into things blind without any thought process behind their actions which will often lead to the worst consequences. Many novels and movies reveal this message clearly. In the novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, Joe, a young soldier drafted into the war, suffered extreme injures both mentally and physically after battle due to not fully knowing what to expect going into war. Likewise, in Shenandoah, a 1965 Civil War movie, Boy, the youngest in the Anderson family, mistakenly gets forced into the line of battle and is faced with the truth behind the whole war at a very young age and faces several losses from his journey. Despite the fact that Joe and Boy both suffered different consequences, they …show more content…

One consequence that he faces is getting stuck in the middle of a battlefield. After Boy escapes from an imprisonment camp, he gets stuck in a war zone and is forced to fight. He gets shot in this event and barely makes it out alive. This is an event that will forever haunt him since he shouldn’t have even been in that war in the first place. Another consequence that boy has to learn to accept, is that part of his family dies in the war because Boy was stuck in the imprisonment camp. The Anderson family left to go find Boy after he went missing and in that journey three family members died creating a huge impact on the whole family. Even though Boy was found in the end he still caused some tragic events that possibly could have been avoided if he clearly understood the war more. These consequences will never go away and will forever be imprinted in Boy’s mind reminding him of the mistakes that he made just like Joe in Johnny Got His Gun. They both face several consequences due to the lack of understanding they have on the reality of war. Joe’s understanding of war in Johnny Got His Gun is very similar to Boy’s in the sense that he doesn’t really understand what he would be fighting for in a battle. One example of this is when Joe is at the train station with his family awaiting his send-off to war. During this send off Joe didn’t really question why he was going to war or what he would be doing in war. He went without and hesitation which shows that his

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