In The Film Shenandoah And Johnny Got His Gun And Johnny Got His Gun

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In the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout 4, the main character who is aptly named the Sole-Survivor, truthfully says “War, war never changes.” The principle that war never changes despite variations in setting or advancements in technology is thoroughly emphasized in the novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, and the film Shenandoah directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. In the novel Johnny Got His Gun, the main character Joe Bonham was a soldier serving in WWI when he was unfortunately hit by an artillery shell. When Joe eventually wakes up, he is given the lonely task of trying to put the missing pieces of his life back together again, which is harder task than he first imagined. Another story that skillfully shows the hidden consequences …show more content…

In a different fashion, Charlie is also similarly thrusted upon the knowledge that his way of life has been negatively affected by the war. While working on the farm like any other day, the neighbors slave, Gabriel, who was spending time with his son Boy, came with inauspicious news that Boy had been taken by Union soldiers. Here Charlie learns that his son who meant so much to him because he was born the day his wife died, has been taken which puts an immediate stop to his thinking that everything is okay. This further promits him, like Joe, to go and search for Boy who represents the past and normal life that has been taken away by war. Even though Joe and Charlie find out what the war has taken from them in unmistakably different ways, they both begin searching for a part of their previous life that has been forcibly taken away from them because of war.
In the search of what war has taken from both Joe and Charlie, they find auspicious halfway points that give the impression that their main goal is coming within reach. Joe realizing that through the finding of time, he can begin to reconnect himself to the world, starts to formulate ideas on how he can accomplish this. After weeks, months, maybe years of trial and error, Joe finally conjures up the idea to use the few exposed patches of skin on his neck to feel the

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