Compare And Contrast Catcher In The Rye And Ghost World

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Things change overtime. People, places, and most of all societies’ views all change-sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. The novel, The Catcher in the Rye, and the graphic novel, Ghost World, explore several themes that have been altered through the ages. The characters of these books are so similar, yet treated very differently. An analysis of Enid Coleslaw and Holden Caulfield demonstrates how the difference in time period affects the themes of alienation, rebellion, and sexism. The 1950s were a time of conformity and anyone outside the norms would be deemed unusual or an outcast. Behavior rules included obeying authority, controlling your emotions, and fitting in with your group (Brucker). Holden went against all these rules…show more content…
Holden is rebellious in several ways throughout the novel. He flunks out of classes, stays away from social norms, and acts however he wants. This attitude gets him in trouble a lot and plays a toll on his well-being. Enid is also rebellious. She acts how she wants when she wants and does not have a filter. She says everything she wants and rarely gets punished for it. Her rebellious attitude is seen as cool, yet Holden is seen as an outcast that no one wants to be like. Both characters had absent parents that may have contributed to their independence and rebellious attitudes. “Enid’s father is kind, but mostly he allows his daughter to launch herself into the world on her own unguided course. Enid in the comic is…ultimately alone in the universe” (L. Canis and P. Canis). Holden’s parents were barely mentioned in the story showing that they were not great role models for Holden. Without great parent figures, they were both not guided well. In the 50s, rich parents who sent their children away to prep schools had very little involvement in their child’s life because their children were living at school. In the 90s, however, as shown by Enid’s father, there was a little more involvement. Children often rebel when they are not getting enough attention and this is what happened to Holden (Child Welfare Information
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