Compare And Contrast Christian And San Religion

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In this essay the beliefs and practices of the San religion will be compared to Christianity to view the similarities and differences between these two religions. According to the Oxford dictionary the word religion refers to the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Through this statement it is evident that religion is different for each person.

The San believed in a higher power. According to (UNISA24) San shamans, whiles in a state of a trance, would plead with the supreme creator god, whom would them help them facilitate successful hunts, make rain, heal the sick. In line with this, Christians also believe in one higher power, God three in one. According to (unisa72) this God is viewed
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He falls into sin and through him we all now have sin. However, God send his son, Jesus who dies as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin. This is main differences between these two religions.

Another similarity between the San religion and Christianity is that in both religions are the practice of pleading and praying to a god. According to (unisa24) Women and men were able to enter the spirit realm through the state of trance. They would then intercede to get supernatural power that they would use to benefit the whole group. Prayer forms an integral part of both Christianity as it is believed that communication between God and man is only possible through prayers. In Christianity, men and women can pray anywhere at any time (Renard 147). These prayers are for one’s self but also for other people.

Both the San and Christian religion preserve and transmit their believes and practices. These ways are different from one another. According to (unisa 26) the San transmitted their religion through telling stories, indigenes songs, ritual dances and rock paintings. In addition, the primary sacred text of Christianity is the Holy scriptures that today makes up the Bible. Its name is derived from the Latin word biblia, which simply means "books." The Christian Bible is made of two parts: the Old Testament and the new testament (Christian
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