Compare And Contrast Jasper Jones And To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jasper Jones and To Kill a Mockingbird Comparative Essay

“The more you have to lose, the braver you are for standing up”, so say Charlie in Jasper Jones. This quote reflects both novels, as the both discuss the morally wrong actions due to racism or discrimination. To kill a mockingbird is so similar to Jasper Jones through its historical, ethical and social settings that critics are referring to Jasper Jones as an Australian version of To Kill a Mockingbird. These similarities are identified as we compare Jack Lionel and Boo Radley, Laura Wishart and Mayella Ewell and the small town life of both novels. The characters of both novels ma be very similar but the plot is much different.
Jasper Jones is a novel written by Craig Silvey, about the suicide of Laura Wishart who was a victim to sexual abuse to her father. Jasper Jones finds the body of Laura, who is also his girlfriend and tries to discard the evidence, as due to his indigenous background he knows he will fall as the suspect. To Kill a Mockingbird similarly is based in a small town where Mayella Ewell is supposed to of been raped b the innocent Tom Robinson, who which has a cultural background also. The court case is drawn out before a far foreseen guilty verdict. Tom Robinson was then shot in the attempt to escape the prison grounds. Both are first person, although To Kill a Mockingbird is narrated by scout and switches between the present and the past innocence to maturity throughout. Jasper Jones is narrated by Charlie and is based in the present. Throughout the novel it can be clear that the similarities between the characters are enormous as can be seen in the comparisons of Jack Lionel from Jasper Jones and Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird.
Jack Lionel, Jasper Jones grandfather has been ostracised, as has his grandson Jasper jones, due to indigenous background. Boo Radley such like Jack Lionel are both convicted of injustices. They are both victims of racism and bullying due to rumours developed and spread throughout the towns. Both characters were misunderstood and considered to be the novels mockingbirds which are the good people who have been injured by the evil. Although there are many similarities between these characters there are

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